Waiting. Selling.

Waiting. Selling.

Taken in Baguio Philippines.


Define: love


Define: Love

As a student of law, which only speaks of things defined,

And lives in the realm of reason, logic and precedent

I will try to define it

Is it a case of a Caso fortuito?

Or a matter of delectus personae?

Or is it both?

Is being in love a condition?

Or maybe a class of its own?

Does it occur in a last clear chance scenario,

Or existing from the very beginning, but yet to be define?

Is it something mutual, like a contract?

Or a pure feeling without any condition sine qua non,

And proximate cause of which,

Is the person we think of at night and can keep us alive till dawn

Maybe the cause, object is all tied up,

To a reciprocal feeling of understanding, care, and support

Then is it comparable to a pacta sunt servanda?

Which parties, cannot breach? Or could they be breach?

As far as I know, once it happens,

That beyond any reason, beyond any doubt,

That our heart will beats for no one, except one.

That our life is no longer terra nullius

But a life with someone

The legal mind, indeed, cannot define love,

Because every legal mind,

Will always and as always will think of an exception,

For love can never admit of an exception.

Now, as a person happily receiving her love,

What I can give is this:

That our love started when our heart meet on a day in June

It happened, without any reason, logic or precedent

And without any need of consent,

For consent is but a useless formality

Because when our eyes met, it already speaks the truth,

The truth that no one can define

-Res ipsa loquitor-

Cherry Blossoms in the Philippines

Taken in Shangrila Cebu.  I try to recreate the “Zen and Cherry blossom photos” that i see in magazines and  photo galleries.I took the picture using an infrared filter, camera setting on manual mode and with post processing via cs5 and lightroom.




Je pense toujours a vous

The morning raises

As the cold breeze subsides

Time to face the realities of life

Yet, I’m still overwhelmed by yesterday’s touch.

Just a thought of you,

Is worth this life.

Time intertwines with light,

Into a never ending streak

That can conquer any abyss

And shows that when i’m with you,

its worth everything

The soft and cold touch of your hand,

Leaves me in a state of bliss

And the glimpse of your eyes,

Makes life meaningful

Dreams coincides with realities

Time plays with the wind, to go for a while,

For us to spend time

In the world built for us

Words, letters and figures is not enough,

To describe the way you smile

Such gesture, such moment,

Makes my heart beats – until the end of time.

Je pense toujours a vous

Mon amour



Her touch completes,

The enchanted spell

That cant let you sleep.

As our fingers interlock,

“Res ipsa loquitur”

It speaks for itself

Embrace that warms the cold summer past

To erase yesterday,

To ease tomorrow,

As the mind plays the scene

The heart beats the music,

To create a play,

Where reality and dreams co-exist

And You and I in a stage

Can’t define

I’m suppose to astonish you with a poem,

A poem that can make your heart beat as mine


Now, I’m running out of words, rhymes and ideas,

That can define what I feel for you


I’ll try to start with your eyes,

Does “beauty” enough to describe,

The magic when I look into your eyes?

How about,  “exquisite” maybe that’s the better word,

But its still lacks the emotion,




Now how about when you smile,

Does the phrase, “the curve of your smile stops time,

and brings me to a place when there’s no tomorrow or yesterday”

To cheesy?

I agree, but I tell you, phrases can never define your smile.


How about the time we spend together

How can I possibly describe,

“That you make me proud by being by your side”



Honestly, how can I impress,

A person who mystifies every book she read

How can I emulate,

A lady that can handle the hurdles of work and the hardship of law

How can I be the perfect knight?

To a Princess who never needs rescuing


Come to think of it,

Can a poem really explain?

The connection I have with you.